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A truly national melanoma database would be a unique resource in the world from which many future research questions could be addressed. Most importantly, the network, may play an important role in improving the care of patients with melanoma around the world.















In 2011, a clinical database prototype was developed and since has been populated by data from melanoma cases treated at the London Regional Cancer Program. The intention is to adapt this melanoma specific registry for use across Canada. Using a common, web-based platform, patient data will be collected from each participating institution and complied in to a common repository. This will provide an online management solution that will track clinical and pathological data from across Canada. The information will then be analyzed to examine patient risk factors, demography, treatments, complications and outcomes. With the collaborations of physicians at other centres we anticipate the initial network of 11 centres will be established in 2014.



Currently in London, a consenting process has been established and we have started following current and new patients prospectively.  We are constantly working with Pulse Infoframe Inc. to improve the efficiency and development of our web based data capture platform. 


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