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The Global Melanoma Research Network (GMRN) was created as a not-for-profit organization in 2014, and is dedicated to bringing together health professionals worldwide for the purpose of advancement in melanoma research. GMRN was created as an expansion of the Canadian Melanoma Research Network (CMRN), which was inititiated in 2011 by Dr. Scott Ernst. 

Our Vision

It is our hope that, the network, may play an important role in improving the care of patients with melanoma around the world.

"Spring is an ideal time to remind people of the critical importance of sun protection and skin surveillance. It's the time of year when many people begin to spend more time outdoors. Although skin never forgets, it's never too late to begin to practice safe sun habits."

                - Dr. Ernst

Network Profile

The network consists of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, general practitioners of oncology, scientists, dermatologists, clinical research specialists, computer programers, systems engineers, statistitians, health informatics professionals, and epidemiologists. It is a diverse network of professionals working together to improve the outcome and survival for this disease. 

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